CLIENT: X-Treme Video

PROJECT: Film Presentation of the Group: When Image meets the Sound.


To produce a fast pace presentation of the group and its new partners, Skullcandy, Bem, Soulra,…
To show that X-treme Enterprise creates an ecosystem in the distribution and is a leader who attracts brands.
We shall see a summarisation of the activity and the added value brought as a distributer.

The brief also included  interviewing key members of the group and their associates as well as a graphic representation of the financial activity (we won’t show these here).


We wanted to have the opportunity to film it all but the budget didn’t allowed that. Jablon Productions proposed an animation route using 2D illustrations and 3D elements that will take us to various places in the world, where the group operates. The main idea came from an old video for Daft Punk , Revolution, and the story telling of a tomato stain. We thought we should tell the story of a package from the factory to the consumer. X-treme Enterprise is a leader in distributing products to the people; there are not just ‘box pusher’ as they would describe it. They are renown to bring an ecosystem that satisfy both the brands and the consumer.

We wanted to reflect that by merging the whole chain in a simple but effective look and feel.


To be added shortly


Year of Production: 2013
Client: Xtreme Enterprise
Production: Jablon Productions
Producer: David Wieder
Director – Editor: Toma Jablon
Animation: Toma Jablon
3D op: Jordy Velasquez
Illustration: James Lawson