In 2008, Toma Jablon was approached by renowned French wine maker Gérard Bertrand and asked to produce the company’s corporate film. Jablon proposed a series of concepts to authentically promote Bertrand’s domain with flair and sensitivity. The film needed to capture the Gérard Bertrand experience including: the wide range of wines, the quality hotel “Chateaux L’Hospitalet”, the gastronomic restaurant and annual live music events. This experience, is described by Gérard Bertrand, as “l’Art de Vivre” / “The Art of Living”.

To visually tell the story of the vineyards we had to make use of a helicopter to cover the thousands of hectares in a matter of seconds. For quality of image we produced an 8mm film, and for the European market created 3 different language versions: German, French & English.

The final teaser film is of commercial length, and was featured on internal Air France flights. The team delivered a great production value considering the very small crew, both on location and in post-production.

Full Lenght English Version

Full Lenght French Version